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The Sarah Robinson Group is a registered 501(c)3 organization located in Chicago, Illinois. We partner with various community organizations around the city of Chicago to offer quality Art and Technology programs to the community throughout the year.

Our goal is to bridge the gap of Artisty and Technology in the community and to empower individuals to live healthy lives.

If you would like to learn more about the programs we offer, please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

We collaborate with various organizations to bring quality programs
Art Programs

Using the open studio approach, artist with be able to join in activies and learn at their own pace


Identifying success initiatives for at risk groups and providing them with resources to reach their academic goals


Introducing individuals or groups to basic programming, layout and design tools and concepts to produce/update websites

aquatic 4 lilfe
713 Community Empowerment Group
Score Chicago
universal family connection
male success initiative
What we do


Digital Analytics Service

Analytics setup (and ongoing metrics reporting) allows our clients to measure the impact of all marketing efforts in a way they've never been able to before. Because we tie our work to revenue and provide a tangible ROI, this data can help inform marketing decisions now and going forward.

content marketing strategy & development

Leverage the power of video content in your social campaigns and within the ads networks. Canvas ads, 360 video's, and buzz worthy video clips that attract attention and your target demographic.

Web Design & Development

The foundation of all of our work is your home on the web. We focused on the customer experience combined with powerful insights into your data to craft engaging, call-to-action oriented websites or landing pages that are designed to showcase your product or service and get your prospect to walk in or call.

Computer Training

We are a strategic business partner to our clients and work to drive momentum and traction on mutually aligned growth strategies along with training on the latest technology.

Technical Consultation

We foster an environment that encourages listening and learning to each other and our partners by always asking questions and hungry to learn more about how we can help our partners grow further.

network security

We are firmly committed to your success, so we offer personalized deployment and technical support to meet your needs, now and in the future. Our goal is to ensure an outstanding customer experience at every touch point.

Call us today at (312) 890-2593 to learn more about our programs
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We foster an environment that encourages listening and learning to each other and our partners
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